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Jan 25, 2012

Grilled Salad

If your first reaction was like mine, you probably thought - gross! Who wants a wilty salad? But, because you use the Hearts of Romaine, it doesn't get wilty and still takes on that wonderful smokey BBQ flavor! My sis-in-law, Sarah, introduced us to this recipe and I am hooked! It's easy, super healthy, and it's usually pretty easy to get that man in your life to eat it.

First step - heat your grill on medium. Take your Romaine Hearts and cut them open.

It's better to leave the stems attached, so the pieces don't all fall apart and separate.

Drizzle with olive oil and garlic powder.

Here is the SUPER close up so you can see it!

Place face down on grill and close cover for 1-3 minutes depending on how blackened you want it to get.

Remove and serve!

Sometimes we eat it as the main part of our meal and will each take a half and cut it on our own plates. Other times we eat it as a side salad and I cut it up and serve it in a bowl. You need very little dressing (if any at all) because of the BBQ flavor, garlic powder, and olive oil.

You can print a recipe card if you would like! As an added bonus I added the nutritional information to the recipe card. It makes it so much easier if you are counting points or calories!


Jan 20, 2012

Valentine's in the Mail! [Free Printable]

I am so excited about todays project! I saw this pin on Pinterest and  wanted to make little mailboxes for our family. The boys are always writing notes, but when I went to Target they didn't have any. I just about jumped for joy when I saw they had them back this last week in the dollar section!

I took a board and painted it cherry red and then used Liquid Nails  to attach the mailboxes down onto the board. My good friend and neighbor was nice enough to cut me some vinyl last minute and she did such a good job! She even did our names for us and I put them on the side of the mailboxes which made them so much cuter!

I left Caleb a note for when he got home from school...

...and found I got a note (and a blow pop -YEA!) a few minutes later in mine!

My favorite note of the day was left for Dad though!

What! Okay, so I am a horrible speller, but he doesn't have to rub it in! :-)

I am so excited to have these out for the next month and write notes back and forth. The boys are loving them, and I think it's a great way to teach them to express love.

As I was making these I thought about how my Mom use to always leave treats for our mail carrier. We had the coolest woman that delivered our mail growing up and she loved my Moms cookies! They are the BEST Chocolate chip cookies in the world!

We have one of the group mailboxes, so I haven't ever thought of leaving treats for our mail carrier, but that is going to change this Valentine's day! Seriously, without them we wouldn't get our Valentine's delivered! I made a little note to leave in our box on Valentine's day with my Moms cookies.

Can you tell I love giving and receiving Valentine's yet? If you want to leave a little treat and note for your carrier too, you can download the 4x6 without our name on it:

Don't forget to hurry to Target's dollar section before they run out of those fun mailboxes too!

Jan 19, 2012

Kids Valentine's Round Up + Free Printable


I may or may not have a unnatural love for blow pops, and I may or may not be the Mom that steals them from her kids Halloween and Valentines bags. When I saw this saying I knew it was perfect for a blow pop treat and had to make them for my kids to pass out in their classroom. I think they turned out cute!

You can download a 4x6 version to print as a photo or a sheet of 4 so you can print them from your own printer.

There are so many cute ideas out there. Here are some of my other favorites!

I dig you by The Fry Family

A Colorful Valentine’s Day Card by The Long Thread

 Hand Crafted Valentines from Fiskars

 Have A Ball Valentines by Dandee

 I "Wheelie" like you by Thirty Handmade Days

I got the idea for our printable from Disney's Family Fun and they have so many other cute ideas!


Jan 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Pre-K Pack

Okay friends, it's 1 a.m, so PLS PLS PLS tell me if there are any typo's or mistakes in this pack!  I'll review it again tomorrow... but I just don't trust my proof reading skills at one in the morning! (Update:  A mistake on the 2nd page of the "Which One Is Different" page and on the "Counting page" with the wrong # of cupcakes was found and corrected.  All links are updated to the corrected pack.  Sorry to those that downloaded the pack, prior to the corrections.)

I also want to add, that this may be one of my favorite packs so far!  I just love the little clipart! I hope you enjoy it too!

Included in this Pre-K Pack is:

Prewriting Practice Sheets - Cutting Practice - Which one is different?
Finish the Pattern Sheet - Size Sequencing Sheet -Valentine Strip Puzzle
4-piece Puzzles - Sorting Practice - Counting Practice Cards
Color the Heart -  Letter and Sound Finding Cards
2-Part Vocabulary Cards - Shadow Matching
Letter Vv Identification - Valentine Matching
 Valentine Magnet Sheet - Letter Vv Sorting Page

Thanks to and:
Digital Bake Shop for the Valentine Kids Clipart
Stacy’s Stamp Stuff for the A Little Lovin Clipart

You can download our Valentine's Day Pre-K Pack HERE!

Also, if you're new to Pre-K Packs, feel free to click HERE, to learn how we prepare our Pre-K Packs and use them!

I've seen some great V-Day activites on Pinterest!  Here are a few that have caught my eye and we plan on trying around here:

Love Butterfly from The Lesson Plan Diva!

Love Matching and other activities from 1+1+1=1's Tot Pack!

Letter Matching (and More) from 2 Teaching Mommies!

Heart Garland from Martha Stewart!

Heart Bird Feeders from Under the Table and Dreaming!
(It's still been quite warm here, so I'm thinking that we'll get some bites!)


Jan 16, 2012

Valentines Day Bunting and Poster [Free Printable]

Welcome to Cupid Week here at Over the Big Moon! We have some fun printables and ideas planned to help you decorate and be ready for your sweet day!  Today we are sharing a Bunting and Poster matching set.

Since I dont have a mantle I hung mine in our entry way.

Pam changed her bunting to say Be Mine.

We are also offering the bunting blank so that you can add your own saying! I really want to make one with pictures of my kids inside. I just haven't found the time yet!

Here are the download links: