Sep 5, 2011

Easy Classroom Birthday "Presents"

In the third grade class where I am now long-term subbing, there were no "presents" for the students with birthdays. Now, I love to give little goodies to students so I started looking for a quick, easy idea I could use in this classroom. I found several variations of this idea pinned and repinned on Pinterest. I was unable to trace the idea back to its original source, but I ran with my version of it.

I used a balloon design I created and you can download here. I printed it out on colored card stock. I cut out the balloons and stapled a birthday homework pass to the back. I used this one. Then I taped the whole thing to a colorful pencil and tied it with a curled ribbon. I found a bucket and cut a piece of styrofoam to fit into the bottom. Finally, I stuck the pencils in the styrofoam for a festive display. Now, when it is a student's birthday, they can have a little something from me.

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